Meet the Therapist

Meet the Therapist:

Celebrating 17years of continuous full-time practice in 2020, Debra Carter is much more than a massage therapist. Founder of Integrated Health Integrated Life Wellness Clinic, her journey began as a Massage Therapist in 1978 which advanced into a 1250hr Diploma of Hellerwork Structural Integration in 2003-4.

Healing the planet one body at a time, is at the core of Debra’s mission. Transforming over 2000 individual lives through her integrative modalities, Debra is passionate about empowering people to have a relationship with their own body, to listen to their body with increased awareness (instead of the body being the problem/enemy). She provides each individual with their own unique key to unlock their body pain, digestive issues or lack of energy to improve the integrity of their whole being – body and mind.

The biggest achievement in her practice has been successfully integrating her unique leading-edge therapies together. Clients find how easy it is to regain their body’s self-healing potential for repairing deep seated and chronic issues, like poor digestion or complex autoimmune disorders and much more.

Structural Integration is not just about relieving the symptoms - working with a living structure is about looking at where this body is not integrated. We now know emotional stress can tighten just as much as physical stress. Structural Integration is about opening the fascia in 3 dimensions, optimizing flow and glide through the whole myofascial system which means freedom of movement and having more resources for adapting. Debra shares, “It has helped my clients avoid surgery, prepare for surgery and offers relief from fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain in any part of the body.

By tuning in, Debra has the ability to subtly feel and listen to what clients really want, she is guided to understand what is needed in that moment, easing the fascial layers allows the client to have a better conversation between their mind and body. There is an expanding, a spacial expanding inside the body as it opens in 3 dimensions, they return to a balanced aligned state of ease and clearness of thinking from the very first session..

This is a great validation of the power of specialized structural integration bodywork. As the fascia system is studied by more and more researchers, the attention and recognition it deserves continues to grow.

The future is bright for supporting people holistically using these leading-edge wellness systems. Transforming pain and discomfort into feeling effortless alignment, standing centered in your strength, while moving with a new level of comfort and ease.

This is achieved by working together, unwinding the body patterns and belief systems. Change the Structure - Change the Function of layers around the vertical ‘line’ and Psychological and Energetic barriers to the free flow of energy are removed. The body’s life force energy is enhanced, thinking is clearer and change is possible.

Debra shares, “Your body was designed to move fluidly, have stamina and be a pleasure to live in.

The greatest achievement of the day is when each client feels this in their body as they leave.

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