Mira (very skeptical scientist)
October 15, 2019
Craig D.
October 15, 2019

I was having trouble with spirits while I was living in a rented house. I managed with sagging and using oils for over a year. I’m preparing to move out of here, away from the heavy energy, as the accidents happening and nightmares are too much! Debra did a house clearing using the Trinfinity8 – the next day we got a new lease, after months of trying. I’m still not feeling good while in the house. I’m feeling so agro packing, frustrated, stagnant, fearful and blocked in this house. The accidents and nightmares are still too much! I needed help! Debra cleared both myself and the house together (it was not affecting my partner) Teaching at yoga I noticed I was taking real deep breaths, not just because of yoga either. I was feeling a difference immediately and felt lighter the next morning. I could then pack with ease moving into our new rental property by the sea.

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