Energy for Life

Energy For Life – is a BioEnergetiX WellNES System approaching health from the key perspective that energy and information control biology.

Cutting-edge science has proven that there is regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At Energy For Life, we call this the Human Body- Field.

In over three decades of research, we have discovered that distortions and blockages in the Body-Field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function, can lead to physical problems and deteriorating health.

How the BioEnergertiX WellNES System Works

Scan – get to the root cause of energy disturbances
Correct – The energy field using infoceuticals and miHealth
Educate – on healthcare habits that can be adopted into daily life

With the easy no-fuss cloud-based portal, scans are uploaded from any computer using a personal scanning device. Practitioner and client can view the scan together online, see the cause of energy disturbances, and begin the journey of restoring healthier energy and habits for life.

The body is always working towards health, it just needs some support now and then, especially after stressful life events disturb our whole system.

NES BioEnergeticX Wellness System is the easiest healthcare system on the planet. Liberate yourself from suffering, restore your energy and zest for life, regain freedom to live life to the full.

NES Health Scan $99 Health Assessment, Report & Protocols
Client Scanner $180 Postage Included
Ongoing Scans $77   30-45min
Infoceuticals $33 Bottle

Products to Activate Your Body’s Healing Potential!

Feel Good Infoceuticals Available For
Your Personal Energetic First-Aid Kit:

Inner Peace, Love, Fat Metabolism, Source Energy, Cold Flu Immunity, Emotional Stress Release (ESR is everyone’s favourite) Sleep (combined with ESR helps regulate over active brain), Youth (anti-aging), EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Rejuv (Sport and Muscle Rejuvenation)

ESR helps your entire body-field’s ability to release emotional stress. It’s especially soothing for the digestive tract and assists in the absorption of nutrients. It can be applied topically to areas of physical trauma.

EMF helps correct energetic imbalances from radiation exposure(computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc) that can contribute to poor concentration, headaches, heart palpitations, blood pressure variation, or immunity depletion. Helps improve your ability to deflect electromagnetic fields that may affect your body-fields. May be used topically on the hands, back of neck or other areas after radiation exposure.


  • Linda Sellers
    I have been using both the NES Health and the Trinfinity8 (which is deeply relaxing). I am really happy, for the first time in a few years my blood tests for thyroid and diabetes are both normal. I have more energy, not as many sick days off work, and overall handling life's stress with more ease.
    Linda Sellers
  • Kim Torrisi
    I had been feeling very unwell, tired, sick and really down. I also had a medical condition which doctors could not pinpoint. Kidney function was 25 and normal is 60. After starting the NES Health program I have been feeling so much better. My medical condition has improved greatly as well, with normal kidney function. I feel that I can handle stress better. I truly believe NES has helped in all areas of my life.
    Kim Torrisi
  • The Science of Information as Medicine” p282-284)
    After being on the NES program for a year I have avoided a heart by-pass. My Doctor is amazed with my health improvement and says “Keep doing what you're doing—it seems to be working.” I run up and down stairs, mow my lawn and my neighbours. I feel really great and it’s all thanks to the NES system. PP (see our client’s detailed case study documented in, “Decoding the Human Bodyfield
    The Science of Information as Medicine” p282-284)
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