Earlier this year we had massive flooding in Townsville and we witnessed many people helping others, to not only evacuate, but clean up after the floods. People were reaching out to see if their family or friends needed help. That Community spirit continued after the floods, where people were just turning up and pitching in to assist those they saw needing support in the clean-up.

As I created my new website I asked myself how can I contribute? How can I keep this community spirit alive?

Dr Kathy Forti developed the Trinfinity8 as a healing tool to support all of humanity. As a healing tool it clears the energy field of the individual and raises their energy or vibration to better deal with life’s challenges. As a Trinfinity8 community we have collectively sent healing energy to various disasters that occur around the planet.

I will pass forward all donations whether it’s $2, $5, $10 or more and give remote Trinfinity8 sessions to others in need in our local community first. I will also provide remote sessions to anyone, wherever they are in the world, I would need their name if you have someone specific in mind.

Some paying it forward ideas

Send a personal energy boost via a remote Trinfinity8 session of positive vibrational change for health.

In just 12 min, reverse your biological age and feel amazing.

In just 12min, receive an oxygen rich brain boost for clearer thinking.

In just 30min Reduce Inflammation, boost healing energy & immunity for repair.

In just 30min clear the low energy of a place, restore positive flow and divine alignment.

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