Colon Hydrotherapy

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Water is a natural medicine that benefits the entire body – which is made up of 70-80% structured saline water both in and around the cells. Water is a remarkable energizer (via hydroelectric pressure) helping the body to heal itself, "It needs no prescription, its freely available, it costs nothing, it has no dangerous side affects, it is the medication your body cries for when it is stressed is natural water" – Dr F Batmanghelidj. Feeling thirst means dehydration levels inside the cells are at critical levels. Studies show that our thirst signal does not function so well as we age. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water steadily throughout the day along with good plant or sea minerals will prevent and eliminate dis-ease.

Your Gift by David Klein, Ph.D.
You have a magnificent self-healing body - you have it all.
Your body knows how to heal itself - it is trying to do so now.
Give your body the proper care it needs - allow your body to completely heal itself, and it will.

The colon, along with the kidneys, lungs, and skin, is one of the body’s four major routes of waste and toxin elimination. The colon’s nutritional responsibility is to reabsorb metabolic fluids. These fluids contain valuable electrolytes which are recycled via the portal blood system to the liver for its important functions, and from there, to hydrate wherever it’s needed in the body. The colon also produces vitamin K and some B’s. Waste material is propelled through the colon by muscle contractions of the colon wall, called peristalsis. When the diet lacks fibre, such as that provided by nuts, seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, peristalsis is not properly stimulated. This slows the transit time for food to enter and leave the colon, so that food which normally takes 18 to 24 hours to pass through can remain up to 48 hours or longer.

Getting your colon flushed unblocks, energizes and tones the colon muscle to regain lost peristalsis. Not only is the solid waste removed, re-hydration via the portal blood system to every cell in the body. Cellular waste is then filtered via the kidneys, which is brought to the colon for elimination.

Getting flushed and hydrated can improve the following;

Allergies, Bloating, Body odour, Bad breath, Brittle hair and nails, Constipation, Candida–yeast over-growth, Depression, Lethargy, Tension/irritability, Menstrual Problems

Overweight, Indigestion, Skin Problems, Headaches, Flatulence, Insomnia, High or low blood pressure, Inability to concentrate, Metallic taste in mouth, Frequent colds, Lack of sexual

response, Overweight-specifically Belly fat, Nausea, concentration, Memory loss, Food cravings, Food allergies, Haemorrhoids, Nervousness & worry, Mental fatigue, Lower back pain.

          Colonic 	$130  -  30-45min
Colonic $110 - 20min

A series of 3 colonic sessions $350
Implants of trace elements, coffee $10 extra

Harmony House’s Eco Water system uses Grander Water Technology

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GRANDER revitalises Water. Water purifies from within, and is the best All life depends on water, and it must have the ability to dissolve many substances, to clean, absorb and transport any other substance. Our aim is to support you in caring for your colon, improving your general wellbeing, and getting you back on track.

Integrated Health Integrated Life

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ESR is a wonderful support for aiding digestion by reducing stress. It is a NES Infoceutical and can be taken at any time to improve mental clarity.


Debra has achieved a very helpful balance of professionalism and caring. I find these treatments very emotionally and physically distressing and Debra was as helpful and caring as I could hope for: and, the treatment has been highly successful and my bowel habits are the most comfortable I have experienced in my life time. With caring conversation Debra diagnosed triggers for my problems which have proved very correct. I have sought advice from many people in my lifetime but could never find anyone who cared or could help (medical doctors, naturopaths, clinical nutritionist). I will be thankful to Debra forever. DC

Integrated Health Integrated Life
Integrated Health Integrated Life
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